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Final Week 8

Tuff is all ready to go! He has learned a lot and become an awesome dog over the past two months. This week we just hung out and maintained the training and commands that he learned while at the facility with us. He just wants to say hello and kiss everyone and I am going to miss him a lot. He still is very reactive to dogs so if you have another dog make sure to introduce them to Tuff before adopting. As long as you are careful around other dogs he is just fine. I am very excited for this guy to find his forever home and I know he is going to make someone very happy.

Tuff journal-Week Eight, Day Five:

Nothing exciting to speak on today. Tuff had an uneventful day today. His team is doing a good job of spending time with him to maintain everything he has learned. Getting in lots of love before this little guy leaves us for his potential forever home.


Final Week 8

Rockie summary- This is Rockies relaxation week. He did awesome on his test and has learned all the commands we asked of him while in the program. He is still dog reactive but a loves people. He is very sweet and loves to lay in the grass with his people and just hang out. This little guy has had it rough and he is ready to find a forever home when he gets back to Boise.

Rockie journal- Week Eight, Day Four:

Today was pretty laid back with Rockie. He is being a little stubborn but he will listen if you are assertive. He is maintaining his training and enjoying his time with his team before he leaves.



Click here to view my PAWS practice CGC test! 


Final Week 8

Marcus had a good week of maintaining his commands. Now that he has completed his training and CGC test we have just been spending time with him keeping him sharp and enjoying the last few days we have with this guy. He is so much fun and we hope he will find a good home shortly.

Marcus journal- Week Eight, Day Six:

Marcus has had a very relaxing day. He will make a great addition to any home that has the time to pay attention to him and spend time with him. He loves playing outside and running around with other dogs and just being with his people.


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Click here to view  MY VIDEO WITH my pal Raisin! I am very PATIENT and get along with other dogs!



Chance has had a great week he has learned shake and spin which are fun tricks. His last circle was good, he performed all his commands well. He has also been a little bit better in his kennel. One day he ran from me in the garden for about 10 minutes and wouldn’t recall. I decided to just turn my back to him and not give him the attention he wanted and he found it fit to come see me. Keep him leashed or in a fenced yard. This is not the dog to adopt if you plan on a lot of kennel time. We tried to work through this and he just wants to be out and with his people.

Chance Journal- Week Eight, Day One:

Chance had a good day today but was subject to some heat because we were outside at the garden all day. He is doing fine with his training and has even learned to spin. He will spin in the direction your finger points its pretty funny. I plan on teaching him a few more tricks before he leaves.


AKA Tank

FINAL Week 7 & 8

Tank has done amazing since he has been here! Tank has made the most progress of all the dogs and has blown us away when working through his CGC test. The official test is coming up this week and although we know that
he won’t make it through CGC #8: Reaction to Another Dog, we have faith that he will pass the rest with flying colors. This week we introduced a few new commands like “Up” and “Off”, which he picked up right away and is performing really well.

Tank passed his CGC test with an 80% and knows all of his commands and has even learned a few tricks.