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AKA Tank



FINAL Week 7 & 8

Tank has done amazing since he has been here! Tank has made the most progress of all the dogs and has blown us away when working through his CGC test. The official test is coming up this week and although we know that
he won’t make it through CGC #8: Reaction to Another Dog, we have faith that he will pass the rest with flying colors. This week we introduced a few new commands like “Up” and “Off”, which he picked up right away and is performing really well.

Tank passed his CGC test with an 80% and knows all of his commands and has even learned a few tricks. 



Final Week 8


Leo had a great last week here at the facility. He took his CGC test and passed with a 90%. We are all very proud of the work that we have put in. Leo is a great dog and deserves a great home. We hope that he finds a family that will love and care for him the way we have.

LEOPOLD journal- Week eight, Day six:

Leo took his CGC test and passed with a 90%. We are all very proud of him and we are very pleased with the results of his training. He is doing great and we are going to spend the last few days playing with him and spending time with him. He is a great dog that deserves a great life





Precious Week 8 Update

Some dogs make great pets. Some dogs, like this girl, make great life companions. Getting to know and have Precious around for these last 8 weeks has been something special. Seeing her personality come to light has been one of the best feelings I have from the moment I wake up and see Her deep brown eyes watching ever so patiently for me to stir out of bed to let her love on me. She passed her CGC test easily which lets anyone know that she is not only one of the most lovey dogs I’ve ever had, but super smart and obedient as well. Tough having to see her go, but I can’t wait for her to get to be able to share these moments with her forever home.

Precious Journal week 8 day 6

Precious is now a successfully certified CGC graduate! Today she passed her test with flying colors and now is waiting to become a part of someones family. Making a great addition to any home that needs a little more love, affection, amazing personality and some great laughs with this funny ol’ lover girl! I’m gonna miss her.




Mello- Week 8 Summary

Well this is my final weekly summary for Mello. I have had so much fun training him. These past 8 weeks were an absolute blessing and an amazing experience in my life. Mello is such a baby. He loves to be held and cuddled, he loves his squeaky toys, he loves his naps and of course his food. He has become a part of me now and forever and I feel privileged to have been able to train him and bond with him. I have no doubt in my mind that he will make someone a very loyal and happy companion for the remainder of his life. Mello is the type of dog that will follow his person anywhere. He is also a protector. He isn’t aggressive towards people and as most of you have seen you can pull on his cheeks, pick him up, hold him upside down, dress him up, and he just gives you kisses whenever you’re done messing with him. Oh and when you play with him he will make you laugh more you then ever thought possible! He does the funniest things when he is excited and full of energy. I can’t say enough about Mello. I feel like I ramble on in these summaries but I can’t help it Mello is incredible he does have his faults and will require more attention and time then some dogs but by no means does that make him not worth it. There is no telling what he has went through in his past but I feel like he has made a full recovery. He is very trusting with humans now, not like he wasn’t before but now after all the love and treats everyone has given him he has become one of the most loved and loving dogs here. I will be sad to watch him leave but I know that a ton of people have been reading these summaries and keeping up with Mello so he will definitely find his forever home. I appreciate everyone for keeping up with Mello for these past 8 weeks and I can’t wait to hear that Mello has found his new human in life.


McCoy –Week 8 Summary

Well it is officially the end of week 8. These last two months with McCoy has been a lot of fun and a blessing. We can’t wait for McCoy to move forward in the next chapter in his journey to finding his forever home. Since he has been here McCoy has shown no aggression towards other dogs. He has even made a dog friend here that he can play with. He has made leaps and bounds in his training and I for one am very proud of him and I am proud of our team for all the hard work they have put in (thank you Jay, Ramon and Kenny for all your hard work).

Journal Entry: 12/17/22

This will be the last journal entry for McCoy. All I have to say to his new forever family that reads this is that McCoy is an amazing boy. He has been a true blessing here for us. We are going to miss him when he leaves, but we also know that he is going to be happy with his new forever family and that he will make you just as happy. He is a complete joy to be around and it has not only been a privilege but an honor to work with. He deserves a family to take him in and love him as much as he will love them. Thank you

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