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Paroling Animals With Skills (PAWS) is a dog training program located at Idaho Correctional Institution- Orofino (ICIO). Givens Hall is the minimum-security section of ICIO and home to the Givens Hall PAWS Program. Members of this program are screened and interviewed before being accepted into the program and must complete 40 hours of apprenticeship dog training. Givens Hall PAWS and BBBR have developed a partnership where we are training bully breeds for an (8) week training cycle. Each dog will be assigned to a primary and secondary trainer, this training team will provide at a minimum 140 hours of training. During this training the dogs will receive basic obedience and social skills that will lead to a drastic change in behavior. At the end of the (8) week training cycle the dogs will return to the BBBR facility where they will be available for adoption.


Available for adoption
Start Date- 6/8  End Date- 8/3





Libby’s arrival week has gone amazing. She is an energetic and extremely affectionate dog. She is also an extremely smart dog and has no problem learning what we are teaching. She is a very social and is eager to meet people and other animals. We are excited for the weeks ahead and have no doubt that she will make an amazing family companion.




Tuff has had a challenging first week here at our facility. He is unsure of people and loud noises and is very dog reactive. Our team is doing our best to overcome these obstacles and once he gets to know you he absolutely loves you. He has built a strong bond with his four team members in just a few short days. He is very sweet. We are going to continue working with him and are looking forward to a good week next week!

(*Tuff lived with another dog in previous home!)





Marcus is a super energetic and cute little pup. We are excited to see how far he can go in 8 short weeks. He is extremely smart and has a lot to offer as a companion. We have begun working with him on some scent training work and he has excelled at it. There is the potential for a very bright future with this little guy.


Rockie is an energetic dog who is also very smart. He has reactions to other dogs and wants to pull to them. He is also pulling a lot on his lead when out for a walk. He is a fast learner so working on these things should bring success. He loves all humans and we are excited about being able to teach this dog all his commands over the next 8 weeks.

(*Rockie was in playgroups in the shelter!)



Raisin seems to have a good temperament and he has no dog aggression that we can see. He loves all the affection he gets from our team and all the people he comes in contact with. We will have to work on some boundaries with him like jumping when saying hi to people and forging ahead pulling on his lead while out for a walk. All and all he is a great little dog who is a lot of fun to work with.





Chance is doing well. He is picking things up quickly and is a fast learner. He has some kennel anxiety and is also afraid of the other dogs but we are hopeful that he will get used to being here with us and this will improve. Overall this week has been successful and we look forward to next week with this guy!

PAWS Graduates
Available for Adoption


Class of '21

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Class of '21


Class of '22


FINAL Week 8

Redding passed his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test with a 90%. The only test
that he failed was #8, reaction to another dog, because he broke from his “sit”
position to say hi to Knox. There was no aggression or barking toward the other
dog, only playful interest. We are all very happy with Redding’s performance
and continued progress. We look forward to him getting the forever home he

deserves. He will be greatly missed around here at the facility and in the program.



FINAL Week 7 & 8

Tank has done amazing since he has been here! Tank has made the most
progress of all the dogs and has blown us away when working through his
CGC test. The official test is coming up this week and although we know that
he won’t make it through CGC #8: Reaction to Another Dog, we have faith
that he will pass the rest with flying colors. This week we introduced a few
new commands like “Up” and “Off”, which he picked up right away and is performing really well.

Tank passed his CGC test with an
80% and knows all of his commands and has even learned a few tricks. 


FINAL Week 8

Nacho had a great week here at Givens Hall. He learned the tricks shake and Who is your friend. It has been a great experience for all of us getting to work with him. He is a great dog and is very smart. He is not a big lover but that’s just his personality. We are hoping he ends up with a great family in a great home. Good luck Nacho!

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FINAL Week 8

Padre had a fantastic week. He scored a 10/10 on his Canine Good Citizen exam. We have spent a lot of time soaking up the sun and learning new tricks this week. He now knows to shake, high-five, and “bang.” When you point at him and say bang he will roll over, show you his belly and play dead waiting for you to rub him its hilarious. Awesome dog.

Check out this cute video of Padre getting to know his way around a home!

Class of '22